For your safety and convenience, we can install a keyless door entry system

Lockmart on 11 July 2018

A keyless entry system is a secure device you can unlock without a conventional key. You could access your home or office via typing a code, using a remote control, a smartphone app or a swipe card. There are a wealth of benefits to such options.

A keyless lock is the ultimate smart device for your home. Call us on 1300 594 903 to discuss installation.

7 benefits of keyless door locks

1. Easier to use

A keyless security system is simple to use. Enter the code, swipe a card or access via a secure phone app.

2. No keys to lose

Finally, we've solved the problem of lost keys. Never find yourself locked out of your home again with the convenience of keyless locks.

3. Greater control

Some kinds of keyless locks have monitoring systems or different codes for individuals. This feature is useful for keeping track of comings and goings of employees.

4. Less need for locksmiths

Save time and money by avoiding the need for locksmiths. Plus, the nuisance of waiting around without access to your property.

5. Keyless locks for every need

There is a different kind of keyless lock system for every purpose. Talk to the experts at Lockmart to find the right security solution for your property.

6. Extra security

A keyless entry system offers greater control over access to your home or office. So you will also enjoy extra protection with our range of keyless door locks.

7. Multi-user access

If you own an office with many employees, or if you have a large family, you will love your new keyless entry system. Especially its easy multi-user functionality.

How does a keyless entry system work?

Keyless door locks are engineered using the same technology as remote entry systems in cars. To unlock the door to your home or office, you'll need a form of keyless access. This could be punching a code into a keypad on the door lock, scanning a card, scanning your fingerprint or using a remote control device.

Some high-security smartphone apps can be used as keyless access points as well. All you need is your phone to make unlocking your door even simpler.

keyless entry system installed onto door

Why choose from Lockmart's range of keyless door locks?


All our products and installation services are high-quality. We meet compliance regulations and take pride in delivering the best to our clients.


We know how important the security of your family or business is to you, so we ensure that our products and services are reliable.


We've been locksmiths for nearly 50 years and have plenty of experience to help you find security solutions for your property.

Advanced technology

We keep updated on the latest developments in the field of electronic security, so you get the benefit of the most advanced technology.


We provide access control systems that evolve with your security needs and can install keyless door locks as part of a whole digital control system.

Other important points about keyless door locks

The level of security achieved is also dependent on your door

Frankly, there is no point having a high-security keyless entry system if your door is flimsy. This can be when the hinges are loose or the door is not made of durable materials. If the quality of your door is questionable, think about replacing it with a metal or wooden version. In conjunction with your new keyless entry system, your door is then sure to keep the burglars out.

Easily upgrade your security over time

At Lockmart, we realise that your security needs will change over the years. That's why we strive to understand your current requirements. We also keep your options open for updates later on and set our electronic security solutions up properly from the beginning. You can easily elect to add further functionality and control systems as you need to.

Compatibility with alarm systems

We can introduce our keyless door locks to pre-existing electronic security setups. While we install your keyless entry system, we can also establish alarms – so you know your family and property is safe from intruders.

Contact Lockmart today to find out how you can benefit from a keyless entry system. Call now on 1300 594 903.