Lockmart on 13 October 2016

Protect your home and reduce insurance premiums at the same time.

Improving your home security is one of the ways that you can reduce your home insurance premiums.

One of the things that impact on the cost of insurance premiums is the risk that the insurer takes on by insuring you. This means that they look at the probability that you will have to make a claim and charge premiums accordingly.

This also means that you can reduce your insurance premiums by reducing the chances of your home being broken into. The best way to reduce the chances of someone breaking into your home is to install an access control system.

Reduce insurance premiums with an access control system

How Access Control Systems Reduce Insurance Premiums Alarm6Insurers each have their own policies, but it is typical for them to have premium discounts and incentives for policyholders to improve their home security.

According to Allianz, "Installing security measures such as alarms, additional locks and deadlocks and lockable bolts on your windows will mean you pay less".

Insurers recognise that having an access control system for your home will make any break-in attempts far less likely to be successful as well as the system itself acting as a powerful deterrent to thieves. From the insurer's perspective, this can make your policy far less risky.


The benefits of access control systems

The benefits of having an access control system go far beyond reducing your insurance premiums. The biggest reason to improve your home security is to protect your family. There has been recent news of a rise in break-ins and burglaries in Melbourne, so it's more important than ever to improve your home security.

Access control systems have a range of potential features which give your home the highest levels of security and safety possible. Some of the features of access control systems include:

How Access Control Systems Reduce Insurance Premiums Home Security4

  • Remote monitoring of your home via Wi-Fi connected security cameras
  • Alarm systems with 24-hour monitoring
  • Temporary permissions for guests or tradespeople

Find out more about the benefits of residential access control systems.


Get the right advice

When you're setting up a new access control system, it's essential that you get expert advice from home security experts. Here at lockmart, we're industry leaders in the design and installation of access control systems.

Whether you need a simple system on a single entry point or comprehensive system with multiple products, Lockmart can consult and recommend a solution that fits your needs.

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