Access Control Systems for Your Home

Residential Access Control in Melbourne, though on a smaller scale than commercial, is just as important for protecting not only physical assets, but also your family from burglars and break-ins. A residential security system from Lockmart also includes the convenience of keyless door locks with its permission-based technology. Our customers report that peace of mind is a natural result of every residential Access Control system we install. Your security is ensured with Lockmart electronic door locks.

There is no danger of losing your keys and being locked out with Lockmart’s Access Control systems. What’s more, we can customise a solution specific to your property, situation and budget. Perhaps you only need one standalone keypad with keyless door locks at the front door. Or you may prefer something more complex, such as a biometric identification system on multiple entry points.

We work hard to give all customers excellent value for money with top level service. Honesty and integrity are important to us, so we will advise against more costly systems if they do not line up with your needs.

Get friendly advice and with a no-nonsense recommendation for your residential access control system. With close to 50 years of industry experience, we will save you time and money.

Get your free, no-obligation quote and call Lockmart on 1300 594 903.

Our Mobile Locksmith Is Available Now

Get Complete Locksmith Service From One Provider: Lockmart

Lockmart’s Rekeying service is the most affordable way to ensure you have the only working keys to your property. If you have just taken possession of a property, you don’t know how many spare keys exist, or who has them. If your keys are lost or stollen, rekeying helps manage your risk. Lockmart replaces your keys, rendering old copies unworkable, without the expense of changing your door hardware. Inquire about Rekeying today.
Our mobile locksmiths repair broken locks on-site. We fix misaligned strikes and bolts, stuck or broken keys, damaged hinges, door closers, crash bars, and panic exits. If your lock was purchased from Lockmart, we ensure your existing keys continue to work, saving you the inconvenience of reissuing new keys to family and staff. Save time, money and hassle.  Call Lockmart.
Increase your property's security, compliance, and aesthetics, with Lockmart's quality hardware.  Our complimentary key-alike service maximises convenience, providing a single key for your entire property.  Select from our range of high-quality door furniture.  Visit our interactive showroom, or request an on-site visit from our mobile locksmiths.  If you already know what you want, we will source it.  Schedule your free consultation today.
Get into your property quickly and safely, day or night. Lockmart's mobile technicians perform expert, round-the-clock openings, whenever and wherever you need them. Working efficiently, we open your property and re-establish security with repairs and rekeying, as needed. Our uniformed staff, branded vehicles, and thorough authorisation protocols further contribute to your safety.  For access you can trust, turn to Lockmart.
When you are responsible for public safety, you need genuine, expert advice and guaranteed solutions.  Lockmart performs code-compliant hardware repairs, upgrades, and installations.  Meet your Egress and DDA Compliance requirements.  Protect your visitors, your staff, and yourself.  Get absolute compliance with Lockmart.