Monitor, Record, And Review Activity From Your Phone or Office, In Real-Time

  • Monitor Your Business, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Deter Break-Ins & Theft
  • Record Activity Inside & Outside 
  • Create Secure Workplaces 
  • Generate Training Tools


Observe and record activity, identify threats, and verify alarms - all from your smartphone - using Lockmart's advanced CCTV systems.

Our security camera systems - both new installations and custom upgrades - are sophisticated and flexible. Whether you require round-the-clock or periodic recording, detailed auditing capability, or long-term data storage, Lockmart has the ideal solution.

CCTV systems offer the additional benefits of deterring crime and capturing employees behaviour. Protect staff, discourage theft, and generate powerful training tools, using internal, customer service footage.

Discover how security camera systems safeguard your business and foster safe, learning environments. Book your complimentary consultation with Lockmart today. 

Monitor Your Business, Anytime, Anywhere

Observe Activity, Identify Risk, And Verify Alarms, Without Driving In

CCTV technology is constantly evolving, growing ever more sophisticated. Lockmart remains at the vanguard, bringing you the most advanced CCTV systems on the market.

Our cutting-edge, digital IP security camera systems, advanced DVR recorders, and mobile apps give you real-time, remote access to activity in and around your business. Monitor risks and confirm alarms from your smartphone or tablet. No more unnecessary, expensive call-outs fees. No more late-night trips, following-up on false alarms.

Get security, convenience, and savings with Lockmart CCTV systems.  

CCTV systems provide more than monitoring and recording. They are a visible deterrent against break-ins, theft, and inappropriate activity, from internal and external sources. Protect employees working alone, after hours or in remote locations, with 24/7 monitoring and recording. Protect yourself, and your profits, against loss by installing security camera systems in storage and equipment areas. 

Increase security, staff safety, and loss prevention.  Enquire about Lockmart's CCTV systems now. 

Lockmart meets your commercial surveillance needs with custom CCTV systems. We begin by identifying your goals, system criteria, physical layout, concerns, and budget, during your free, no-obligation consultation.  

What information do you want to capture?  What do you want to do with that information, once you have it? How long do you want to keep it? How often do you want to review it? 

We help clarify your objectives, before matching them to the ideal solution. Lockmart's skilled technicians then install your security camera system, facilitate third-party security services, and provide ongoing maintenance and support.  

Get exactly what you need.  Book your free consultation with Lockmart.