braeside lockmart staffOur Employees Stay For Years. Decades, Even. Find Out Why.

More than once, we have found ourselves blowing out candles on a 30th birthday cake. Not unusual?

It is when the Birthday Boy joined us as an apprentice at 16.

In that time, he's progressed through our stores, teaming up with our subject matter experts, and learning from the best. He gets his hands on the latest technologies, early, often, and eagely. He finds his niche, develops his speciality, and shares what he knows with the resut of us. He knows that we're only as good as our last job. But together, we're greater than the sum of our parts.

Find out why Lockmart employees - and customers - stay.

Apply for a position below. Don't see one? Send us your resume. We are always interested in meeting new talent. Or, better yet, pay us a vist in anyone of our stores.

Maybe the next cake will have your name on it.

We Combine Experience and innovation with Cusomter Service. Customer Service. Cusotmoer Service.

Lockmart's Top Five Philosophies. Are You A Fit?

  • Honesty - talk straight, manage expectations, charge fair wages for excellent work
  • Solutions, Not Sales – we don’t push, upsell, offload products
  • Reliability - we keep our appointments and our word
  • Learning - we never stop investing, innovating, or progressing
  • Fun – that's what it's all about.

Did we mention customer service?