Streamline Your Security – Get Keyless Entry And Real-time Permission Management

Commercial access control systems are on a different scale than home access systems. They potentially offer more complexity in permissions, with more users of the system and additional information required to track employees’ movements throughout the building for better safety and security.

Keypads, card readers and biometric identification technology are just some of the features now available to protect your business assets. With Lockmart’s commercial access control systems, you can change codes, replace lost cards, add or delete individuals, all within seconds for real-time access management. Therefore, lost keys and heavy keyrings are a thing of the past, as are the associated costs and security risks.

At Lockmart, we advise you on the best access system to suit your specific needs, whether it be a system across multiple locations, a restricted access high-security biometric identification system, or commercial access for a single site with hundreds of users.

Access control can also help keep track of employees for timesheet purposes or to ensure maximum security through correct permissions allocation. Access systems for commercial properties can also be shaped by economic, risk or regulatory considerations.

Lockmart expertly guides you through the process of establishing your goals, criteria, layout consideration, and budget for your Access Control system. Get sound, informed advice and expert system design.

With almost 50 years of industry experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. We get it right, first time.

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For standalone security, without an integrated 'system', Lockmart offers Single-Point Keyless Entry. Ideal for smaller properties, they range from keypad locks to biometric, fingerprint recognition. To learn more, contact Lockmart.

Whether you need to manage one door or one thousand, Lockmart's Integrated Hardwired or Wireless systems provide centralised, real-time control. Discover how we provide advanced, cost-effective security using Salto and Kaba C-Lever systems.