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Lockmart's friendly team of car locksmiths will get you back into your car at the lowest possible price. We can replace lost keys, provide extra copies, and repair automotive locks, quickly and affordably.

Dealership prices are routinely set between $500-$1,500 for replacement keys, with a possible 2-6 week wait for delivery. Lockmart does the job instantly, often at a fraction of the price. Our 24-hour, auto locksmith team provides on-site Key Replacement and Lock repair. Get fast, cost-effective assistance. Call Lockmart.

Why are replacement keys so expensive? New-generation cars and their keys 'talk' via radio transmitters contained in the key-head. Every key is programmed to start a specific vehicle. Without the correct transmission, the vehicle is immobilised - increasing anti-theft security and replacement costs.

Every manufacturer creates keys using its own software. Through continual investment, our diagnostic collection is ever-growing. We are able to service most manufacturers and models, and many less common vehicles that no other car locksmith supports. And again, the best part is that we can usually do this at very low prices.

Lockmart can also help if you are locked out of your home or office. Use the links below for these services:

Save time, money, and inconvenience. Call to ask if Lockmart services your car, today.


Lockmart replaces both simple, pre-immobiliser keys and new-generation, radio-transmitting keys and fobs. Get fast, affordable Replacement Keys and spare copies. Call a Lockmart car locksmith with your vehicle information, today.
Before you buy a new, expensive replacement lock, try Lockmart. Automotive locks contain multiple moving parts that can be repaired quickly and affordably. Call for your free, no-obligation quote.
Dealers aren't your only option. Using the latest technology, software, and machinery, Lockmart generates new sets of 'original', manufacturer-specified keys, and pairs new, generic keys to individual vehicle. Learn more.

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