Lockmart Puts You In Control With Do-Not-Copy Keys.

  • Prevent Unauthorised Duplicates
  • High-Performance, Original-Cut Keys
  • Tailor Individual Access
  • Increase Physical & System Security
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Lockmart's Restricted Keys Systems offer two powerful security mechanisms. First, duplicates require formal authorisation and can only be made by the locksmith who created them. Second, they are customisable, allowing different holders different levels of access, including universal access for one 'Master Key' holder.

Lockmart keeps detailed records of your Restricted Keys, including how many copies have been cut, who authorised them, and when they were produced. When creating authorised copies, we work off the original design, for precise, accurate results.

Restricted Key Systems vary in complexity. Lockmart matches you with the ideal solution. Call for your free consultation today.

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Take Control Of Your Security With Lockmart Restricted Key Systems

Our Inline Restricted Key System provides authorised-only duplication and basic customisation. In practice, as a business owner you might have multiple stores. Using Lockmart's Inline system, you have a single key, providing you with universal access to every area, of every store. Staff keys are a modified with colour-coded chips, providing access to buildings or zones relevant to their duties - and restricting them from others.
Lockmart's High Security Systems combine key control with increased physical security. The Lockwood Twin offers all the benefits of the simple Inline Systems, as well as an active side bar and additional reinforcements, making it highly pick and drill resistant. For restricted duplication, a universal master key, tailored access, and reinforced physical security, enquire about the Lockwood Twin.
The Bi-Lock High Security Restricted Key System combines convenience and security. Featuring a twin blade, 12 pins, and a side bar configuration, the Bi-Lock is virtually impossible to pick. Coloured key heads let you know each key's purpose, at a glance. And Bi-Lock's "quick change" capability means keys can be changed over in seconds, saving your time and money. Contact Lockmart to learn more.
The Kaba experT is the most secure Restricted Key System available. 22 potential pin positions, arranged across 4 rows, guard the Kaba experT against picking, raking, bumping, impression-making, and manipulation. Contact Lockmart to determine whether the Kaba experT is the right high security system for you.