Lockmart Security Alarms Provide Protection And Peace Of Mind

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  • Almost 50 Years Industry Experience
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Industry wisdom maintains that properties with alarm systems are three times less likely to experience break-ins. Prevent property loss, damage, and risk to your business with a Lockmart security alarm. Our range of top-tier systems features the best names in the industry. We don't offer low-end, 'bargain' alternatives, that sacrifice performance for price.

Alarm Systems provide powerful visual and audible deterrents against crime. Take your security to the next level, with 24-hour Central Monitoring. Trained operators identify and address changes in your system, ensuring no risk goes undetected or unaddressed.

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Lockmart Security Alarms Prevent Loss And Protect Your Profits

Your investment in security is an investment in your livelihood. We take that seriously. With almost 50 years experience supplying, installing, and servicing security alarms, our industry knowledge is broad and deep. But our product range is small and select.

We don’t supply 'budget' models, that could cost you everything. We carry the best systems on the market. Our trusted, premium brands, including Bosch, Tecom, and Inner Range, boast innovative design, leading technology, and proven reliability.

Physical evidence of your security system is an effective deterrent. Lockmart helps keep intruders at bay with prominent branding, that make your alarm's presence felt. When triggered, a siren alerts neighbours and intruders, suggesting that help is on the way. Perpetrators leave fast, reducing your potential property damage and loss.

Inhibit break-ins and minimise loss. Book your free Lockmart consultation today.

Every business and property has unique requirements. With nearly 50 years experience in the security alarm industry, Lockmart’s product knowledge is comprehensive. We know which systems and components deliver the best outcome in any given situation. We take care to understand your circumstances before identifying the best solution. For informed, considered advice and precision installations, call Lockmart.

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