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Commercial Access Control Products

Gain Entry Using Card Readers, Proximity Key Fobs, And Keypads

Exchange Your Keys For Convenience, Control, And Flexibility

There are two main types of Access Control Systems: Standalone and Integrated. The distinction between the two is a matter of complexity.

An Access Control System may be a single, battery-operated, mechanical lock, managing just one door, via PIN code and punch-in keypad. At its most sophisticated, it may be a multi-level, multi-site, centrally-controlled hierarchy, managing access via biometric recognition technology.

Whether you are managing your back door, or a state-wide, property network, Lockmart is your solution. Call us today.

Why Choose Lockmart

Lockmart has been at the forefront of the electronic security industry since we first opened shop, in 1967. Since that time, we've keep pace with technology, and ahead of the pack. Our range of Access Control Systems offers genuine value and quality solutions, within various budget,application, and regulatory contexts.

Whether you want the ease of whittling your keychain down to nothing, or require our ground-up, security architecture design services, we have the experience and knowledge you need.

Our Access Control Systems are designed to expand as your security requirements evolve. Getting the foundation right, from inception, is critical. Lockmart takes care in accurately establishing your current criteria and anticipating future requirements, before proposing systems - or predetermined packages.

We strive to ensure your present, and future, security. Get honest advice and the benefit of nearly 50 years' experience.


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Access Control Systems Options

  • Integrated Electronic Access Control Systems

    • Lockmart's Integrated Access Control Systems feature wireless, real-time, central management of access permissions. Our superior product range includes systems from industry leaders Kaba and Salto - the first company to introduce wireless access control. Add or delete individuals, and change passwords, in real-time, on multiple doors through a building or across multiple locations, with the click of a mouse. Conduct detailed audits, indicating who entered, exited, or attempted to access specific doors, including identities, dates, and times.

      Lockmart's Integrated Access Control Systems accommodate intricate permission hierarchies. Set public opening and closing hours, one-offer visit access, or restrict individual movement to a particular zone or entry point. Depending upon the system, access may be gained by card, key fob, code, or biometric recognition technology.

      Whether you are upgrading or expanding an existing system, or installing a new product, correct planning is critical. Get expertise advice. Contact Lockmart for your complimentary consultation

    • KabaC Lever pdf 75 KB Download
      Salto SVN brochure pdf 3.1 MB Download
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  • Stand Alone Electronic Access Control Systems

    • Lockmart's range of Standalone Access Control Systems consists of the best names in the industry: Kaba, Lockwood, Borg, and Rosslare. Within that range, we provide high-value options for a variety of budgets and applications.

      From rugged, weather-resistant, stainless steel keypads, suited to heavy-traffic and Australia's harsh conditions, to subtle, elegant, residential systems, featuring concealed locking mechanisms, voice guided set up, and fingerprint recognition, Lockmart identifies the best option for your property and circumstances.

      Our Standalone systems are battery-operated, wireless, and do not require a computer, making them easy to install and operate. Codes are changed directly on the keypad, using a master card or PIN. Select products feature multiple access levels and anti-tampering mechanisms, disabling themselves following multiple failed access attempts. DDA-consistent levers, Egress designs for apartment buildings, and, in some case, fire ratings, support public safety and compliance.

      Learn whether a Standalone system is right for you. Call Lockmart.

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