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Lockmart on 14 July 2017

Your business is no doubt one of your most prized assets, so you do what you can to protect it, including putting the right security systems in place.

When you are looking for a smart and affordable solution to protect your property, you need lock installation. However, it is just as important to choose the right one to suit your business needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current systems or moving into a new site, you need to ensure that your property is secure from theft, damage, and unauthorised access.

Types of locks for your commercial property

When it comes to choosing the right lock system for your commercial property, there are a few things to consider:

  • How many keys do you require?
  • How will you master and distribute the keys?
  • Are there any security risks?
  • Does your property require access areas for different employees?
  • How big is your site?

Answering these questions will help you determine the type of lock you need for your premises. In any case, there are three main types of lock systems used in properties all over Melbourne:

  • Commercial padlocks are the simplest form of security, but should not be your only protection. They may not be the most effective as they can be at risk to bolt cutters. For internal doors, such as restrooms or office doors, use padlocks.
  • Wireless systems are the most advanced technology that allows you to control all doors from one central location. With just the press of a button, you can manage access rights across all floors and areas.
  • Electronic locks use either a keypad or an electronic card reader, and are a great option as there is no need for a key. Installation is simple and can be placed into existing doors. The code can be changed often to suit the nature of your staff turnover.

For many, the most popular types of locks are restricted master key systems and electronic access control.

Restricted master key systems vs. electronic access control

Restricted master key systems

This type of system uses keys that provide specific access to designated key holders. A significant benefit of restricted master key systems is that you cannot duplicate the keys, and you have authority and control over who you want to access certain doors and areas. It is one of the most secure key systems, as you cannot get unauthorised keys cut without the permission of the locksmith who designed the system.

Electronic Access Control (Smart Access)lockmart asset

Similar to the restricted master key, this type of system allows you to give temporary entry access or restrictions to whomever you choose. With Smart Access, however, you can monitor use and control the flow of employees or guests. Within a commercial environment, you can create pathways, known as ‘primary' or ‘secondary,' that can be accessed depending on the times of the day, and areas.

What type of brand should I use for my locks?

Just as there are different kinds of security systems, there are many different brands to choose. As commercial locksmiths, we are familiar with all models, especially:

  • SALTO: This smart technology is both secure and user-friendly, and the software can be controlled from a PC. Its primary benefit is that the system allows the installation of many doors via access control, so you don't need to run cabling to all the doors.
  • TECOM: Tecom offers a range that is suitable for growing businesses. Using swipe technology, you can control access through a simple interface.
  • BOSCH: Used throughout households in Melbourne, Bosch is a trusted name in the business. Safe and efficient, Bosch systems come in a variety of packages to suit your requirements.
  • INNER RANGE: The Integriti Solution is scalable, easy to use, and can even be remotely controlled with iOS and Android apps.

You can see our range of products here.

Lockmart can assist in the installation and advice on which form of security systems is right for your business. Working with renowned premium brands such as Lockwood and Dorma, you are guaranteed quality with every fitting.

You can’t put a price on security and convenience

With over 50 years of experience in complex system design and installation, Lockmart is Melbourne's first choice for commercial locksmiths. With us, you have assured peace of mind and adherence to regulations with every hardware installation, including evacuation and DDA compliance.

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