Leading lock brands in 2020

Lockmart on 9 December 2019

When purchasing or upgrading your locks, you want a brand that is durable, secure, and reliable. At Lockmart, we only install the best lock brands so you can be confident that your property is safe. 

The best locks meet the relevant Australian Standards, and will resist forced entry. Locks in commercial property or apartment buildings will also need to meet fire regulations. 

If your property is near the coast, you'll need locks that are corrosion resistant. The finish and appearance of the lock may also factor into your decision. 

At Lockmart, we specialise in the leading lock brands available in Australia in 2020. We provide comprehensive, on-site, local mobile locksmith services.

Australia's best lock brands in 2020

The best lock brand will ultimately depend on the functionality you need and where the lock will be installed.

Based on over 50 years of locksmithing experience, we've uncovered the features and benefits of a few of the leading lock brands that we recommend:


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Lockwood is one of the leading brands in the Australian lock industry. They have a strong reputation for high-quality products for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Lockwood's focus is on providing strength, substance, and style to protect the things you value, and they've been making locks for over 75 years. 

Lockwood manufacture door locks, keyless entry, sliding and security door hardware, window security, locks for safes, as well as a range of other items. 

Lockwood products come with a 25-year warranty. This warranty includes corrosion, tarnishing and discolouration for their 'Everbrass' and 'Symmetry' range of products. 

Lockwood keys have a 12-month warranty. Lockwood's manufacturing process meets the Australian Standards for quality. Ask your locksmith about which locks meet the standards for durability, fire-proofing and corrosion. 


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Dormakaba has a reputation for product reliability. The Dormakaba range includes door hardware, entrance systems, mechanical key systems, safe locks, and digital or electronic access systems.

Dormakaba's products range from single components to customisable integrated access solutions for commercial or residential use. 

Master key systems from Dormakaba can be combined with electronic locks and access control systems, to achieve the highest level of security. Dormakaba lock hardware includes cylinder locks with serrated or reversible keys.

The electronic access control systems include pass cards or Bluetooth technology that allows a mobile device to act as a key. Dormakaba has access control systems for corporate settings, small to medium businesses, and residential use. 

Commercial mechanical products have a 10-year warranty, while domestic mechanical products come with a 5-year warranty. A 1-year warranty covers electronic products. 


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Abloy locks provide reliable security using a unique rotating disc technology for smooth entry and exit. 

Abloy manufacture high-security locks designed to withstand harsh environments, including extreme cold, storm-driven salt-water or fine desert dust. This brand is a popular choice for heavy-duty and high-end commercial application where you need strong security. 

The product range includes keying platforms, padlocks, deadbolts, safe deposit locks, electromechanical locks, and locks endorsed by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC). SCEC endorsed locks are suitable for use in Australian Government Facilities. 

Abloy products come with a 25-year warranty, with a 2-year warranty on Abloy keys. Electrical components are also covered by a 2-year warranty. These warranties do not apply to the product finish. 

Abloy manufacture under the Australian Standards, so ask your locksmith about which locks meet the standards for durability, fire-proofing, or corrosion. 


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Master makes security and safety solutions for home and work. Master's compliance and safety locks prevent accidents in aviation, construction, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, power generation, transport, and utility industries.

Master is a world leader in portable security products, with commercial padlocks and padlocks for home or personal use. Master padlocks can secure bikes, vehicles, luggage, storage, or sporting equipment using a key, Bluetooth technology or a digital combination. 

Master make a range of locks to meet indoor and outdoor environments, including locks with a laminated steel core and thermoplastic casing to resist extreme weather conditions. Brass pin tumbler locks and double-locking levers make locks harder to pick or force open. 

These locks are guaranteed according to Australian Consumer Law. 

What next?

At Lockmart, we are authorised installers of all of these top brands. We can help you to compare and install top-level security for your property. To see the best lock brands in action, you can visit any of the Lockmart stores. 

No matter what your security requirements are, at Lockmart, we can provide quality products to protect your property.