The cost of changing locks really depends on what your home needs

Lockmart on 20 June 2018

Hiring a professional locksmith is essential when it comes to updating the security of your home. Security cameras, motion sensors, and alarms all act as great deterrents to home intruders, however a reliable lock system is still one of your best defenses against a break in.

There are a number of different ways the locks in your home can be upgraded—for example, they can be repaired, replaced, or rekeyed—and the cost will vary with each option.

A locksmith's fee can also vary depending on the time of the service call. Your locksmith may also present you with a choice of different types of locks for installation. Some locks can provide a higher level of security than others, which is why they may cost more.

Because of these various factors, there's never a simple answer to the question of how much it will cost to change the locks in one's home.

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Cost breakdown

The type of property you own or rent, as well as the level of security you desire, is likely to impact the cost of changing your locks. Other factors that influence pricing includes the type of locks installed, how many key copies you need, and the time of day you request a service.

Locksmith rates tend to go up after hours. For instance, a locksmith may charge a certain rate from 5 pm to midnight, but their rate may go up for any service calls after midnight. With so many variables to consider, it's always best to request a quote first so that you have a rough indication of how much the service will be.

Job typePrice

Service call

$100 - $120

Service call - after hours

$150 - $200

Emergency Opening

$150 - $250

Lock drilling + new lock installation


Rekeying of locks

$35 - $60

Key cutting (Standard)

$6 - $20 (dependent on key type)

On-site lock repairs

$35 - $75

When should I change my locks?

There is never a time your home security won't benefit from a change in locks. Although the cost to change your locks may sometimes seem high, the expense is always justified when you consider the safety of your property and valuables.

Moving in

Moving into a new home is one of the most critical times to change your locks, as there's always the possibility of old, misplaced keys being circulated and the risk of a stranger having access to your home.

After a break in

In the unfortunate event of a break in, updating your home's security should be a top priority. After all, a break in can be viewed as a clear indication that your home's security is in desperate need of an upgrade. A professional locksmith should be able to assess your home and identify any weak points to reduce the risk of a future break in.

When it's been years

If the locks in your home haven't been changed in decades, it may be time for an update. Because the locks in one's home get used on a regular basis, everyday wear-and-tear can significantly affect their condition.

It is often more cost-effective to replace your locks before an emergency situation occurs, which could see you paying hundreds more for a lock replacement. Especially if you need your locks changed outside of regular business hours.

Updating your locks will give you the opportunity to beef up your home security like never before and at your own pace.

Modern solutions to consider

The level of security you require also affects how much it will cost to update your locks. Choosing a heavy-duty lock can be more costly, but it will offer you more protection than the cheapest lock system available from your locksmith.

Installing an access control system can also increase the price of a lock change. While it may seem like a more expensive option, access control systems enable you to customise your home security in ways you probably never imagined.

Your access control system can be integrated with a smart home system, enabling you to control when your property can be accessed and who gains access to it. Your home automation system can be easily customised using an app on your phone, or an online platform via PC.

So, when it's time to change the locks in your home, consider the new options available to you, such as smart home automation which boasts a number of benefits, including:

  • Granting temporary access to guests and tradespeople
  • Enabling keyless entry for emergency situations
  • Receiving live status updates when your home is being accessed

Get professional advice

Updating all the locks in your home can provide a higher level of security for your property. What you need in a new lock system really depends on the level of security you want. That's why it's important to start a conversation with your locksmith before they arrive at your home.

By getting a locksmith quote, you have the opportunity to explore your options and identify the cost of changing the locks in your home. A good locksmith should be able to provide you with a range of customised solutions to choose from.

While upgrading your locks may seem pricey, it can save you from the potential loss of your belongings which is often extremely costly. Get in touch with a residential locksmith from Lockmart and you'll enjoy a comprehensive range of home security services, including the installation of new locks, alarm systems, and security cameras.

The experts from Lockmart can also design a customised security system for your home that meets your expectations in terms of budget and functionality.

If you're looking for a great locksmith in Melbourne to help you with changing your locks, ask one of the experts from Lockmart.