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Door Hardware Products

Premium Door Closers, Door Furniture, Architectural And Commercial Door Hardware

Get Complete, Integrated, Code-Compliant, Door Security Solutions From Lockmart

Lockmart's complete range of door locks and hardware caters to residential, commercial, detention and institutional settings. Our door furniture, door closers, and door accessories are engineered to maximise safety, functionality, and performance in any building complex, multi-occupancy building, health or education facility.

From architectural door locks and furniture, to fire door closers, and anti-ligature and harm-minimising door furniture, Lockmart has the optimal product for every circumstance. Find out how we can help you. Contact Lockmart for your free, on-site consultation, or visit our interactive showrooms today.

Why Choose Lockmart

When you select Door Hardware, you choice impacts on the safety of others - and your own reputation. Achieving the correct outcome depends upon getting the right advice. Get confidence and peace-of-mind, knowing that you've made the right choice. Choose Lockmart.

Lockmart makes it easy to meet, and exceed, building regulations and your own, stringent code of responsibility. With nearly 50 years experience, we know what it takes to achieve public safety. Our consultative approach, expert advice, and code-compliant product range help you ensure building security and integrity.

We take time to understand your requirements, factoring in application, environmental conditions, the location, weight, and size of the door, rate of use, and user profiles. Only then do we propose the ideal solution. Get answers and outcomes you can trust. Book your free, on-site consultation or visit your nearest showroom today.

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Find out more about our range of Door Furniture, Closers & Accessories.

  • Door Furniture

    • Lockmart carries a complete collection of Door Furniture to suit all domestic, commercial, detention, and institutional applications. Selected for their high-grade raw materials, expert workmanship, and innovative design, we feature the best brands, including Kaba, Zanda, Lockwood, Dorma, and Designer Doorware.

      Don't choose between security and style. Lockmart's domestic and commercial door handles, levers, and knobs deliver superior performance and architectural aesthetics. Featuring stainless steel components, brushed finishes, contemporary lines, and complimentary accessories, our Door Furniture reflects current styles and tastes.

      For commercial and industrial settings, Lockmart offers heavy-duty, wear-and-weather resistant designs. Our 'Push' and 'Pull' systems keep pace with intense usage in industrial, hospitality, and educational environments.

      Lockmart supports detention and mental health institutions in keeping inmates safe without compromising staff and visitor safety. Our anti-ligature, harm-minimising, and vandal-resistant Door Furniture help secure councils, hospitals, and educational facilities.

      Learn how Lockmart's Door Furniture increase your security and peace-of-mind.

    • Austyle Entry Handles pdf 590 KB Download
      Designer Doorware Entrance Handles pdf 717 KB Download
      Dorma Door Furniture pdf 3.8 MB Download
      Kaba Detention Furniture pdf 3.9 MB Download
      Kaba Mortice Lock Furniture pdf 321 KB Download
      Kaba Round Rose Lever Furniture pdf 1.1 MB Download
      Lockwood Detention Series Furniture pdf 3.6 MB Download
      Lockwood Levers And Knobs pdf 489 KB Download
      Lockwood Plate Door Furniture pdf 3.5 MB Download
      Lockwood Push And Pull Door Furniture pdf 774 KB Download
      Lockwood Rose Door Furniture pdf 2.7 MB Download
      Zanda Entrance Pull Handles pdf 2.4 MB Download
  • Door Closers

    • Promote public safety and comfort, while preserving architectural appeal. Get discrete, silent, effective Door Closers from Lockmart. We offer practical, effective solutions, and a broad range of Door Closers, with varying designs, strengths, and price-points.

      For every setting - residential, commercial, or institutional - Lockmart has the ideal solution. Our Standard Door Closers promote user comfort through smooth, constant, closing, irrespective of temperatures. Invisible or 'concealed' closures preserve the architectural style of your door, without compromising security or comfort. Our steady, near-silent, Electromechanical Door Closers are ideally suited to disabled access points, nursing homes and hospital corridors. Fire Door Closing play a particularly important public-safety role, by ensuring doors close, thereby preventing fires from spreading.

      Find out which Door Closer is right for you. Schedule your free, on-site consultation now. Or visit your nearest interactive showroom.

    • Dorma Door Closer Contur Design pdf 1.4 MB Download
      Dorma Door Closer TS 83 pdf 1.5 MB Download
      Dorma Door Closers Cam Action pdf 1.7 MB Download
      Dorma Door Closers Concealed Cam Action Door Closer Systems pdf 1.4 MB Download
      Dorma Door Closers Floor Springs pdf 441 KB Download
      Lockwood Door Closers pdf 3.8 MB Download
      Lockwood Electromechanical Door Operators And Closers pdf 2.2 MB Download
      Lockwood Fire Door Closers pdf 989 KB Download
  • Door Accessories

    • Complete your Door Hardware installation or upgrade with a Lockmart advanced sealing system, manufactured by industry leaders Lorient or Kilargo.

      Every door requires a tiny gap, around all four sides, in order to open and close. But gaps allow noise to seep in -and out - creating disruption and compromising privacy. In certain commercial and multi-occupancy buildings, gaps can contribute to acoustic performance building code violations.

      Lockmart's acoustic sealing systems stop the noise, restoring confidentiality and comfort. Additionally, when used in combination with fire doors, our fire seals may not only contain the spread of smoke and flames, but contribute some acoustic protection.

      Proper fitting is essential, and may deliver weather protection and energy savings. Lockmart's mobile technicians perform expert installations, ensuring maximum benefit. Enhance your Door Hardware installation or upgrade your existing arrangement. Call 1300 594 903 and request your complimentary, on-site consultation. Or visit our interactive showrooms today.

    • Lockwood General Hardware pdf 2.1 MB Download
      Lorient Acoustic Sealing Systems pdf 625 KB Download
      Lorient Smoke Seal Solutions pdf 20 MB Download