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1300 594 903

Gainsborough locks and levers

Quality locks and levers from Gainsborough

Secure your home with style using a new Gainsborough lock

Gainsborough, an Irish hardware designer and manufacturer, has been providing quality security solutions in Australia for decades.

Gainsborough produces locks, levers, door knobs, and other security hardware, all created with a strong emphasis on security, accessibility, and style. Each piece has been meticulously designed to balance form and function, impressing business owners, home owners, and families around the country.

Lockmart is here to help you protect your home, office, and other assets with charming security solutions from Gainsborough. From minimalist entry points, to the strong industrial designs, you can rest assured that you are protected without sacrificing on style.

Lockmart locksmiths know how to install and maintain Gainsborough security measures. We can recommend the right solution for your application, and find the perfect fit for your taste.

Contact us today on 1300 594 903 for a free on-site security consultation.

Why choose Lockmart

Your home or business only functions as well as it is protected. Lockmart can help you choose a security solution that not only looks great, but works tirelessly day after day to keep your assets and family safe and sound.

At Lockmart, our aim is always recommend the perfect solution for you. If you wish to install a new lock or lever, we will work with you throughout a consultative process to fully understand your needs. Then, we can help you choose the right Gainsborough product for you.

To begin, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your building or home. Here. we will discern what needs quality protective elements. Before we recommend a final Gainsborough lock or lever, we will consider a range of elements when ratifying your entryways, including:

  • Application and location
  • Environmental conditions
  • Specifications of the door
  • How often the door is used
  • Who is using the door

Our end goal is to grant you peace of mind by installing a new Gainsborough lever, lock, or similar piece of hardware. To ensure that your property is always protected, Lockmart's 24-hour emergency locksmiths are on call to attend immediately, should there be an issue with your lock in the future.

If you're looking for a new security solution, contact Lockmart on 1300 594 903 for a free consultation.

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Call 1300 594 903 to book a free consultation for installing a new Lockwood security system.