7 ways to boost office security and prevent theft this holiday season

Lockmart on 13 November 2019

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many retailers, hotels and offices. Retail stores may hire casual staff to keep up with the increased demand for customer service, and many offices close during the Christmas break.

Office security is critical during December and January. According to the Crime Statistics Agency, reports of burglaries and theft in Melbourne spike at this time of year by as much as one third. 

As a commercial locksmith, we are committed to preventing these types of crimes by ensuring businesses have optimal security in place. 

For the best advice on preventing crime in your commercial space this holiday season, call Lockmart on 1300 594 903.

Here are some tips for preventing theft at your office during the holiday season: 

Streamline security with an access control system

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Do you ever find a door propped open because not everyone who needs access has a key? This practice can allow anyone to enter the building or secure area. 

With a commercial access control system, you can provide permissions to each employee and contractor, track their movement through the building and manage access in real-time. 

There's no more concern about lost keys, doors propped open or left unlocked. An office locksmith can provide advice on the type of access control that best suits your business.

Ask a neighbouring business to watch the building

If you're closing the office for the holidays, ask a nearby business to keep an eye on the building. Ask them to watch for suspicious activity and contact police if necessary. 

You can also follow the 'Eyewatch' Facebook page, set up by the Victoria Police, to stay informed about local security initiatives and crime prevention. 

Ensure security systems are working

If a CCTV camera or alarm has stopped working, it's easy to postpone having it repaired. Professional thieves often do their research in advance and will be aware of any weaknesses in your office security.

Get your security systems checked and repaired before the holiday season begins to help prevent potential theft.

For peace of mind, have a quality locksmith test and repair your security systems before the holiday season begins. 

Notify your alarm monitoring service 

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Offices closing over the holiday period should notify their alarm monitoring service. If you don't already have an alarm system with 24-hour central monitoring, consider a free consultation with a local office locksmith to get a quote. 

A reliable alarm system can be a powerful deterrent to would-be burglars, alerting neighbours and minimising loss. Test or upgrade your existing system before the holiday season to protect your business while you are away. 

Review the security policy with employees

Make sure all employees understand their security responsibilities and know what to do in the event of a break-in or emergency.

Review your company security policies before the holiday season begins and make changes to ensure the policy meets your current requirements.  You may consider implementing an employee screening policy for casual and temporary staff. 

For retail stores, it pays to check sales information and cashflow daily during the holiday season. Ensuring that all portable valuables are stored securely can also help to prevent theft. 

Lock up before you leave

It can be easy to follow your usual routine for leaving the office when closing up for the holidays. You may remain unaware of a window left open or alarm not set. 

Before you leave, take the time to check that windows and doors are locked and the alarm system is active. Be sure to remove any spare keys usually kept on the premises. 

Choose a good emergency locksmith

If anything should go wrong with the security systems during the holiday season, ensure you have a local locksmith on your emergency contact list who can provide 24-hour assistance

Enjoy the holiday break without worrying about office security

Implementing these office security tips before the holiday season starts will allow you to relax and enjoy the break if you're going away. As a business owner, you should be able to take a holiday with the peace of mind that your office is secure until you return. 

Lockmart specialises in providing office security solutions tailored to meet the changing needs of your business. We have over 50 years of experience providing high-level security to business around Melbourne's south-east.

Our commercial locksmiths will take the time to assess your requirements and provide high-quality security using the latest technology.  

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